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For students, being able to see learning and the process of learning are key factors that can lead to change and success.

At LaGuardia Community College, students take pride in who they are, what they have learned, and who they want to be. Prompted and supported by faculty and staff, students are the authors of their own journey. ePortfolio aids this journey by giving each student a unique voice to create, share, and own a roadmap to success — academic, career, and personal. A student has the latitude to decide how he/she would like to use ePortfolio to express his/her creativity, learning, and identify.

In “It Helped Me See a New Me”: ePortfolio, Learning and Change at LaGuardia Community College (2009)Bret Eynon shares the work of LaGuardia students in order to highlight the personal nature of their ePortfolio experiences. In this article, the students credit the ePortfolio development process with giving them the opportunity to reflect on, connect, and integrate the multiple facets of their learning and lives, and express evolving identities that synthesize their rich cultural heritage with new urban experiences.

From their orientation session during our Opening Sessions for New Students through their last semester and graduation from LaGuardia, our students learn, grow, and change. We believe the single best way to understand the power of ePortfolio and its transformational role in helping students to articulate their own growth and change is to hear our students speak for themselves.

We encourage you to explore LaGuardia’s public ePortfolio galleries where you can see student transformations and also the evolution of LaGuardia’s ePortfolio program over time. Below, please find a sampling of ePortfolios, images, and videos that will give you a taste of our work.

ePortfolio Showcase Image # 1

Students ePortfolios

Introductory ePortfolio

Introductory ePortfolio Image # 1

Read Lia Martinez-Santamaria’s reflection on how her travels from North Bergen, New Jersey to a small town in the Dominican Republic helped her develop a passion for writing about global issues. Click Here to see Lia’s ePortfolio and hear the reasons why she chose Liberal Arts: Social Sciences and Humanities as her major at LaGuardia.

Capstone ePortfolio

Capstone ePortolio Image # 1

Elijah Harvey, a Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Science major, speaks as you listen to his oral proficiency sample for LaGuardia’s General Education Core Competencies. To learn more about Elijah, Click Here to see his ePortfolio.

Read the words of Cristina Mihailescu, an international student from Romania, who came back to school after a long time and now juggles the responsibilities of being a parent and a student.” Click Here to see Cristina’s ePortfolio and learn more about her journey as a Business Administration major at LaGuardia .

Capstone ePortfolio Image # 5

Hear Carolyn Green‘s thoughts on using the Nintendo Wii video game entertainment system for therapeutic purposes. Click Here to see her ePortfolio and learn about her interest in LaGuardia’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Review Carolyn’s coursework and other artifacts and you will get a sense of the skills she possess, the commitment she has for her community, and the passion she has for helping others.

ePortfolio Student Showcase: See our students present their LaGuardia ePortfolio experiences.

The Value of Using ePortfolio in the Discipline: Hear students and faculty speak about the value of using ePortfolio as part of LaGuardia’s Engineering Science Program.

This is one of several discipline-based videos created to document the unique ways students and faculty in different disciplines (i.e., accounting and business, education, engineer, fine arts, etc.) are using ePortfolio to facilitate teaching and learning at LaGuardia. Click Here to see the videos created for the other programs.

“The constructive self estrangement that ePortfolio affords also permits greater reflection, as a staging area is supplied for students to formulate, communicate, and evaluate their own performances” (ePerformance: Crafting, Rehearsing, and Presenting the ePortfolio Persona, Ramirez (2011).

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