Action Examples: Social Pedagogy at Work

Kimberly Ramirez, Rajendra Bhika and Thomas Onorato share examples of social pedagogy activities in their courses, highlighting the cross-disciplinary possibilities of ePortfolio in English, Business, and Biology. Read more [...]

Faculty Development Practices at LaGuardia: Capstone Courses, ePortfolios, and Integrative Learning

LaGuardia's Rethinking the Capstone Course professional development seminar allows faculty to explore how ePortfolio might function as a key integrative tool in helping students in their culminating course at the college. Read more [...]

Faculty Development Practices at LaGuardia: Connected Learning Professional Development Seminar

Connected Learning is a year-long professional development seminar in which faculty explore, create, share, and implement ePortfolio pedagogies in specific courses and programs. Read more [...]

The Story of a Learning College: The Evolution of Outcomes Assessment at LaGuardia

LaGuardia's pervasive culture of assessment was highlighted by LaGuardia’s accrediting body (Middle States Commission on Higher Education). Our method focuses on utilizing ePortfolio for collection and demonstrates the value of engaged faculty input into the outcomes assessment design to continually close the assessment loop. Read more [...]

The Evolution of ePortfolio Platforms at LaGuardia: Our Technology Story

LaGuardia has used three different systems over the course of its ePortfolio history. Learn more about LaGuardia's process in choosing a platform that meets the needs of its students, faculty, and staff. Read more [...]

Social Pedagogy: Highlighting Two Local Practices

Social pedagogy plays an important role in ePortfolio at LaGuardia Community College. Here, we examine two particular practices from English and Biology in depth. Read more [...]

Professional Development and ePortfolio at LaGuardia: Sustained, Evolving Learning

At LaGuardia, professional development is a fundamental institutional priority. Here, learn about LaGuardia's award-winning Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the unique role it plays in facilitating ePortfolio pedagogy at the college. Read more [...]

Advising with ePortfolio: Professional Development

This professional development practice details the work of faculty and staff at LaGuardia Community College in the Art of Advising seminar which laid the groundwork for the use of ePortfolio as an advising tool. Read more [...]

Growth and Change at LaGuardia: Our Scaling Up Story

In our Scaling Up Story, you will learn more about how the college has grown its ePortfolio program from 800 ePortfolios to over 80,000 and the ways in which ePortfolios at LaGuardia are a central part of our identity as a learning college where integration, inquiry, and reflection are successful components of our educational mission. Read more [...]

Reflective Pedagogy Practice- Helping Students Realize the Dream: Polishing ePortfolios in the Capstone Course

Our capstone ePortfolio development at LaGuardia has been a rich and productive source of moving our ePortfolio project ahead as, for the first time, we have been able to focus on helping students to make connections across semesters, across courses, and across disciplines. Read more [...]
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